Water Meter Information

General Information
  • Water meters are replaced only if existing meter stops functioning. However, the town will not cover the cost of replacing the meter if it breaks due to customer negligence.
  • If contractors or plumbers are doing work on the interior water lines, the town can turn the water off at the curb stop. To do so please contact Mike Stein (Water Plant Lead Operator) at (306) 435-7062. Give Mike Stein at least 24 hours’ notice to make sure he is available. The town will do their very best to make someone is available in emergency situations.
New Build Information
  • Any new Builds in Moosomin require a new Water Meter with outside reading pad
  • It is the Builder, Contractor, or Plumber’s responsibility to install the new meter, the wire for the pad, & the exterior pad reader. Pad readers must be located to provide easy access by the Town Staff; in the front of the building, and not under decks or in fenced areas.
  • The Town of Moosomin supplies all the materials needed to install the water meter and pad reader. Please contact Mike Stein (Water Plant Lead Operator) at (306) 435-7062 to make arrangements for pick-up of supplies.

How to read your water meter

*Please note that not all water meters look the same

The Meter Reading on this meter is 0710530.0

  • All zeros need to be included in the water meter reading
  • Note: Please include this decimal in the water meter reading.

    Another thing to be aware of is where the decimal place is located on the Water Meter Reading. The three water meters shown to the left look very similar, but have different decimal places.

    The Meter Reading on this Meter is 26596Ø

    On this particular water meter, there is a zero that does not move. This zero must be included in your reading. Record this zero as a dead zero; Ø

    This photo is a water meter with a cover. To get the meter reading, simply open the cover.

    Please note 77855781 is NOT the meter reading.

    The Meter Reading on this Meter is 0018431.03

    Note there is a decimal place on this meter.

    If a Meter Reading looks like this, close the lid and reopen it. It should then show the true reading.

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