Incentive Program

The town of Moosomin is offering tax incentives for new commercial construction.

Under the policy, new commercial building construction, and additions to commercial buildings with a building permit value of $150,000 or more, will have all property taxes on the value of the new building or the addition cancelled for the first year the building is complete.

The proposal for the tax incentive came from the town’s economic development committee. The committee is chaired by Murray Gray and Herb Doll.

Having an incentive available for commercial development is a way to help offset the cost of construction that a new business is faced with by not having to pay property tax in their first full year of operation.

To find out more about locating your business in Moosomin, contact Economic Development Officer Casey McCormac: e-Mail:
phone: 306-434-6425 or Economic Development Committee Co-Chair-Person Murray Gray at 306-435-9062


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