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Public Notice on Snow Clearing and Parking of Vehicles

The Town of Moosomin hereby requests that anyone who is performing snow removal, to keep the snow on the actual property which is being cleaned, and note that the boulevard area which is the land between the street and the property line of your property, is required from removal of snow from the Town roadway

If there is no room left to pile the snow onto your own property, please request permission from the Director of Public Works and Utilities prior to placing the snow on Town land.

Further, entrances to driveways will be cleared of snow when equipment and manpower are available, and there are no other priority duties. Please note that this is a free courtesy service only, and does not relieve the owners from the responsibility of looking after their own driveways. Private operator’s are available on a paid basis.

Also, note that Council wish to remind residents that the Town of Moosomin Traffic Bylaw prohibits the parking of any vehicle (including campers), on the street for a period of 24 hours, and only 4 hours for vehicles being used on a commercial basis, and that parking is not allowed in back alleys.

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