Emergency Response Plan

  1. The document authorizes, delegates and provides the framework for Co-ordinated action in Emergency situations.
  2. This document will not prevent nor reduce the possibility of any emergency occurring. It will aid in providing a prompt and co-ordinated response, thereby reducing human suffering and loss or damage to property.
  3. The following is a partial list of potential emergencies that could befall the Town of Moosomin.
    1. Railroad Crash or Derailment – possibly involving dangerous goods.
    2. Highway Accident -involving multiple vehicles.
      -involving dangerous goods.
    3. Tornado or severe wind storm.
    4. Severe snow or ice storm.
    5. Severe rain storm – causing extensive flooding and disruption of services.
    6. Major gas main break.
    7. Petrol/Diesel/Propane Tank Fire.
    8. Electric power blackout.
    9. Fire storm – Residential or Commercial fire fanned by high winds.
    10. Chemical contamination or spill.
    11. Nuclear mishap.
    12. Institutional Fire – eg. Hospital, special care home.
  4. The public must be informed about the Emergency Plan and educated as to Certain aspects (eg. Warning and Evacuation Procedures.)

Larry Tomlinson, Mayor
Town of Moosomin

Emergency Response Plan

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