Town of Moosomin Bylaws

Bylaw 2021-03

The purpose of this Bylaw is to regulate land use and development within the Town of Moosomin in accordance with the Town of Moosomin Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 21-02(OCP).

2022 Zoning Map

Bylaw 2021-02

Official Community Plan

Bylaw 2020-02

A bylaw of the Town of Moosomin to regulate the operation of vehicles

Bylaw 2019-03

Rideshare Bylaw

Bylaw 2005-09

A bylaw of the Town of Moosomin, in the province of Saskatchewan, to provide for the abatement of nuisances within the Town of Moosomin

Bylaw 2018-07

A bylaw of the Town of Moosomin, respecting fire restriction and protection.

Bylaw No. 2013-06

A bylaw respecting buildings (The Building Bylaw)

Bylaw No. 2010-02

A bylaw to regulate All Terrain Vehicles

Bylaw No. 2005 - 10

A bylaw to prohibit the keeping of dangerous dogs.

Bylaw No. 2003 - 01

A bylaw to license and regulate the running at large of dogs and cats.

Bylaw No. 99-06

A Bylaw to regulate and ensure the safe operation of private swimming pools.

Bylaw No. 1100

A Bylaw to prohibit, eliminate, and abate, loud, unusual and unnecessary noise, or noises which annoy, disturb, injure or endanger the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of others.

Bylaw No. 13-92

A Bylaw to regulate the burning of refuse within the boundaries of the town of Moosomin.

Bylaw No. 2015-01

A Bylaw to provide for sump pit and surface discharge.

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