Mazergroup builds new dealership in Moosomin

June 14, 2017

Mazergroup has now moved into a new building two and a half times the size of what they were currently in on Highway 8. The 25,000 square foot building is located on the North Service Road facing the Trans-Canada Highway and officially opened in 2018.
"It was a long time coming," said Bob Mazer, President and CEO of Mazergroup.

"We did do our due diligence, and that's why it took as long as it did. I'm ecstatic with the way the facility came out. I'm ecstatic about the location facing Highway 1. I'm very happy with the new building, and I think our staff is going to blossom. It is a nice place to work for our employees, and it should help attract employees."
Besides greatly enlarging the dealership, Mazergroup has added a NAPA Auto Parts Store to the new dealership.

"It brings people in the door who would not normally be coming to the building, and it helps with our staffing levels, so we can have five or six or seven parts people, which helps spread out the weekend work during harvest. There's a huge benefit there. We're not affecting people's home lives by asking them to work every second weekend. That's critical. We have to look after our people so they can have good home lives and it's not impacted by their work."

Now that the building has been completed, Mazer said the focus is on building up the business in Moosomin.

"We've gone from one to three salespeople in Moosomin, our regional manager is coming here two days a week, and our VP of sales and our director of sales are both spending some time out here helping out, and now it's just a matter of being very diligent," he says. "If someone's looking for something, we need to be able to get it for them, and we can now, because we have some space."

Mazer told the crowd at the grand opening that he is proud to run a family business.

"It's a family business," he said. "The Mazer family are the majority owners of Mazergroup, yet we have twenty-some shareholders, and about 98 per cent of them are within our organization. All of our executive are shareholders. We really are very proud to be privately owned. We're proud to be involved with our communities, like Moosomin, and we will continue to be involved in our communities. We do not move money to Vancouver, or Calgary, or Toronto - it stays within our communities. We're very pleased to be here in Moosomin, and we're here for the long term."

"We came here about 14 years ago and we didn't know at that time what to expect, and lo and behold, 14 years later here we are in a twenty-some thousand square foot facility. We didn't build it for us. We built it for you - the community and the customer base. We need to earn your business. We always will work towards that. We understand that we have to earn that business."

"Moosomin has become a strong agricultural hub and the business environment in general is very positive. This is a great market for us and we're well positioned to share in the region's growth."

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