Tree Trimming 2016

POSTED: 2016-04-04 09:05:21

Tree cutting and trimming is coming to an end. Currently we are working on cleaning up trees previously cut. Private contractors are pricing completing stumps removal, for trees that have been removed by the town.

Streets running east to west have been trimmed South of Broadway. North of Broadway will be done as time permits during the remainder of 2016.

Streets running north and south will be started after east west have been completed.

If you have a tree that you feel needs to be removed because it is diseased or may split and fall causing property damage, please call the town office and let us know. Only trees on town property will be removed or trimmed by the town crew.

All trees are dealt with on a tree by tree bases.
Town Office 306-435-2988
Kim Looyenga's Cell 306-434-9850