Winter Reminders

POSTED: 2015-11-17 11:43:45

Snow will be flying soon, here are a couple of things to remember.
Please don’t pile your snow on the town boulevard part of your lawn. This area is used by the town to place snow that is being removed from the roads. If the area is already full there is no room for the snow from the roads to be placed. This makes it difficult or impossible for the town crew to plow for you.
When you shovel your drive way please do not push or blow the snow onto the road. It makes it difficult and dangerous for fellow residents to drive and created the extra expense of plowing it by the town.
If you have sidewalks along your property, please be courteous and clear them for residents to pass safely.
Many residents use back alleys through the winter, please do not push your snow into back alleys.
Parking on the street is allowed for a maximum of 24 hours. Vehicles that are parked long term on the streets makes it very challenging to get plowing completed. If you see snow removal vehicles working please move vehicles to a driveway or a friend’s driveway to allow for snow removal.
Last but not least please keep the town crew safe. Take an alternate route if you see the crew working, it is difficult to see the travelling public, when the crew is clearing and moving snow. A block detour is safer for everyone and speeds up the snow removal process.
We start snow removal after the snow has stopped, after substantial snow fall events.
Enjoy the winter everyone.